She texted me after 4months and I shouldn’t have rises the relationship topic

I have followed klicka hГ¤r fГ¶r mer everything. I did the no contact period for two months. I had a new number. She saved my new number and used to share what’s app status. The moment I change what’s app dp she used to change her dp. Last Saturday she didn’t change the dp that way, I was confused shocked and called her rite away. I spoke shit and she was irritated. Next day I texted her and she was even more irritated. And the same irritation and me begging happened. What should I do now? Please help

You have to take a step back and not overreact at little things. Bear in mind that you haven’t gotten back together with her, and should not overlook that fact or start behaving in ways that overstep the boundaries of a friend. Apologize, and even consider applying no contact again for a short while to let her cool off.

She herself msged me on Feb 13th as if nothing happened. She started talking as if nothing happened. I know first day I was supposed to talk very low but that night I got emotional and said I wanted her back. She said she has changed a lot and she only wanted to find out how I was, an ex can never be a friend. What should I do? I waited for two days and gave her a small random chat which went well. Should I follow the chat guidelines given in this website? Or should I give her some more time? Rite now she is busy in a college fest. She won’t won’t even reply to my texts. Please help

It was with his friend and we had sex but I realized my mistake and had changed and realized that it was a mistake

Leave her be for now to sort her festival because if you continue to push her for replies, she will get irritated and may even decide to block you. Follow the guidelines provided, but loosely, based on your own situation. I suggest letting her finish her event, before contacting her again to ask how it went, and take things from there.

I truly do love him and learned from my mistakes

So my ex of seven months broke up with me quite recently because of the fact that I cheated on him back in August. We got back together shortly after and we were good for two almost three months. Then in December he needed time to focus on himself but we kept in contact. He like other girls pictures and talked to other girls as friends. We got back together threee weeks ago and I was fully committed to trying to be better for our relationship and for him. Before December you had broke down crying and we were together and I comforted him. I had changed for the better then and there. So when he gave me a chance, I didn’t waste it this time. I treated him right and made him feel secure about us, yet he says he wanted time and felt rushed. So he broke up with me, this time saying it was for good and I’ve done to much damage. He says I was too late and that this break up is for good. He broke up with me not because of me doing anything wrong in this short time we were back together but over what happened when I cheated back in August. Is this truly for good or what can I do to show him that I wasn’t trying to hurt him or how I’ve changed for the better.

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